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Editor Marciano
LisaEm 1.0.0 RC2 (Emulador Apple Lisa) (W, L, M)

Nueva versión de este emulador del computador personal Apple Lisa para Windows, Linux y Mac.

Lista de mejoras:
2007.06.26 - fixes to for differences between platforms.
2007.06.22 - floppy de-serialization routines.
2007.06.20 - rawbmp.h code finally works - except crashes on win32.
2007.06.13 - rawbmp.h code works, much, much faster!
2007.06.12 - wxImage::SetRGB works - faster than old blit code
2007.05.01 - integrating new wxui code is taking me too long becaue of a lack
of free time, so I'm going to go the other way so as to be able
to make a release soon.
2007.04.24 - Dual Parallel ROM cheat
2007.04.15 - Found OS X display slowdown issues
- Fixed display sizing issues when skinless.
2007.04.14 - Fixed skins on/off switch on OS X
2007.04.13 - Debugging video system on OS X
2007.04.11 - Added Disk Copy 6.x detection to libdc42 open. This allows
better error messages to be returned.
2007.04.10 - Added MacBinII stripper to libdc42 auto_open
2007.04.09 - finalized buffered raw keycodes to compensate for repeats
- decoupled the COPS 1/10th second timer from Lisa CPU and tied
it to the host clock, clock is now acurate regardless of CPU
2007.04.08 - added Unthrottled menu option for those who want to melt their
host computer.
- added buffered raw keycodes to compensate for repeats.
2007.04.07 - bug with raw keycodes that prevents updates found and fixed.
2007.04.06 - Changes for OS X issues (might roll these back since Jerome
Vernet found that the slowdown issues go away with wxWidgets
2.7.2, will test on all platforms before committing to either
- reworked display to draw directly to dc and skip full blit
only done for AntiAlias mode, need to redo for all others.
- reworked timing loop to no longer need wxMilliSleep
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